Meet Pierce LoPachin — The Conservative Side

From Left: Jeanne Kee, Paydin LoPachin, and Pierce LoPachin
From Left: Jeanne Kee (Aunt), Paydin LoPachin (Sister), and Pierce LoPachin

Pierce LoPachin loves his family and wants you to be a part of it too!

Pierce LoPachin is running, not just as a Democrat, but as a millennial. He believes millennials (people in their late teens, 20s, and 30s) deserve a voice in the Texas House of Representatives.

He is however:


Pro-Oil and Gas Industry

Supports the Rig Industry of Texas

Active in his church atĀ First Central Presbyterian Church (FCPC)

A Grocer for FCPC’s Food Pantry

Volunteered for over thirteen years at The Presbyterian Medical Care Mission